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Creating the Environment for Productive Virtual Teams

von Brann, Amy [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Betriebswirtschaftliche KenntnisseRemote teams present some unique benefits and challenges for managers and for the employees on the teams. In this course, UK-based instructor Amy Brann walks you through practical approaches based on the latest neuroscience to create a productive environment for your virtual team. Amy explains how our brains perform immersive work and shows you ways to create a healthy, productive remote work environment that help learners focus on substantive work. She goes into how you can help your team build habits that support creativity and innovation, as well as how to create environmental "nudges." Amy covers potential challenges and how to leverage brain science to implement solutions that will work around the challenges. She discusses strategies to coach and develop your team virtually, then concludes with tips for developing positive tech habits.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
VMware NSX-T 3.0 Essential Training: 02 Management and Transport Nodes

von Crisci, Rick [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITVMware NSX is the most disruptive network technology in recent memory. Demand for employees who understand NSX will continue to grow as the product reaches maturity. In this series of courses, VMware Certified Instructor Rick Crisci helps you understand all the concepts behind NSX-T 3.0. This course highlights management and transport nodes in a vSphere environment. Rick walks you through managing NSX-T with the management plane, the control plane, and the data plane. He explains the architecture and Controller concepts for NSX, then goes over Controller plane sharding. Rick shows you each step in preparing transport nodes for NSX-T, including a useful demo of configuring hosts and VMkernel ports for NSX-T. He concludes with a discussion of uplinks and teaming. This course helps you prepare for the VMware VCP-NV exam. Note: This course was created by Rick Crisci. We are pleased to host this training in our library.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Database Foundations: Administration

von Wilbert, Adam [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITOngoing, regular administration is critical to the security and performance of databases such as SQL Server. In this course-the fourth installment in the Database Foundations series-explore vital techniques and best practices for administering a database. Instructor Adam Wilbert covers a variety of core concepts, including how to secure a server with user authentication and roles, protect your database by setting up permissions for authorized user accounts, and perform a backup and restore. Adam also offers expert tips for ensuring that a database remains available, even through hardware maintenance, upgrades, and failures. Along the way, he provides tips for working effectively with both SQL Server and PostgreSQL.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Tableau: Domina todos los gráficos

von Gil, María García [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITAmplía y expande tus conocimientos de Tableau, un software de referencia en el análisis e inteligencia de negocios. Durante este contenido aprenderás todo lo que tiene para ofrecer esta herramienta a la hora de visualizar datos. Harás un recorrido en profundidad por los gráficos más conocidos y sus variantes para aprender a sacarles todo el partido. Descubrirás las infinitas posibilidades que ofrecen los gráficos menos comunes y serás capaz de elegir el gráfico que mejor representa la historia que quieres contar con tus datos.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
After Effects Guru: Tracking Cameras and Stabilizing Footage

von Harrington, Richard [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Grafik & VideoWhether it's removing camera shake or tracking a camera's movement, After Effects has you covered. You can apply a variety of techniques to smooth out the camera movement in a shot, using the After Effects Warp Stabilizer VFX effect, and track the camera to add objects into a scene realistically. Rich Harrington shows you how in this installment of After Effects Guru.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Introducing Visual Studio

von Havens, Kendra [Autor] | .NET, Microsoft [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITIn this course, instructors Kendra Havens and Scott Hanselman introduce you to installing, setting up, and using Visual Studio. First, they offer a quick look at the best features Visual Studio has to offer. Next, they walk you through installing a free copy of Visual Studio on your machine to create your first C# app, compile the app, and debug it. They give you a whirlwind tour of .NET features that developers love. They conclude by showing you the lively open-source communities that .NET and Visual Studio have, ranging from in-person meetups to live streams to conferences. This course was created by Microsoft.NET. We are pleased to host this training in our library.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
L'essentiel de Jenkins

von Labasse, Sylvain [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITDans cette formation consacrée aux développeurs, vous découvrirez Jenkins, un outil open source d'intégration DevOps. Après une brève présentation, Sylvain Labasse vous propose une mise en œuvre pratique reposant sur des exemples concrets. Vous verrez comment démarrer, créer et gérer votre premier pipeline, puis vous passerez aux projets multibranches. À la fin de cette formation, vous aborderez également Jenkins X et son utilisation avec GitOps, ainsi que le déploiement de vos projets.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Learning Google Cloud Security

von West, Dominique [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITIf you're new to cloud security, or if you're an administrator looking to learn about best practices to create and manage data and assets in the cloud, join Dominique West in this course as she teaches the basics of properly securing your Google Cloud environment. Dominique starts with the basics of cloud computing and general security concepts, explaining the different services and terminologies as they relate to the Google Cloud platform. She covers topics like Identity and Access Management (IAM), infrastructure security, network security, and details the Google Cloud Security Command Center. By the end of this course, you'll be well on your way toward becoming a cloud security guru.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Cinema 4D R23 基本講座

von 大河原, 浩一 [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Grafik & Video3DCGを使えるようになるとインパクトの強い動画を作成することができます。特にCinema 4DはAfter Effectとの連携が非常に良いため、モーショングラフィックスを作成する人にとってとても使いやすい3DCGツールです。このコースではCinema 4D R23の基本的な使い方を学びながら、3DCGアニメーションを作成するための基礎となるスキルを身につけます。3DCGを作成する工程であるモデリングやマテリアルの設定、アニメーションといった工程を順を追って解説します。このコースを実践すれば、Cinema 4Dを使って3DCG素材を作成するスキルを身につけることができるでしょう。Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Building a Resilient Web

von Rand-Hendriksen, Morten [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITWeb developers have a wide variety of tools to use and choices to make. How should you mix HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? How do you balance speed and rich media? What happens when third-party content moves or breaks? Join Morten Rand-Hendriksen as he demonstrates how focusing on resilience can help you create web applications that will work for all of your users. First, learn what makes an app or website fragile. Then explore the basic techniques underlying the resilient web, including progressive enhancement, accessibility, link persistence, web components, and more. Next, discover how to avoid issues introduced by JavaScript frameworks. Finally, watch as Morten takes you step by step through the process of architecting a resilient web application, from setting your goals to maintaining your links.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Premiere Pro Guru: Multi-Camera Video Editing

von Harrington, Richard [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Grafik & VideoThere are many reasons for shooting with multiple cameras. Perhaps it's to save time or achieve multiple angles. Or it might be to capture what's happening across a large area, like a sports arena or the stage during a concert. Luckily for editors, Adobe Premiere Pro supports editing and syncing footage from multiple cameras in situations like these. The multi-camera editing process in Premiere is similar to live switching that occurs in mobile studios and newsrooms, and helps speed up the post-processing workflow. In this course, Rich Harrington reviews that workflow, showing you how to ingest footage and align it properly, as well as finish your video with color-correction and color-matching techniques.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Spring: Spring Integration

von Flint, Kathy [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITIn this course, instructor Kathy Flint shows how Spring Integration fits into the overall Spring framework. Kathy covers realistic use cases that warrant the use of Spring Integration, such as APIs, reactive websites, and database-integrated systems. Kathy demonstrates the full capabilities of Spring Integration by building a demonstration application; she starts with an empty Spring Boot application and adds Spring Integration components in increasing complexity, ending with a substantive demonstration application. She covers key features like message channels, message transformation, routing, and aggregation. Kathy finishes the course by identifying practical challenges and choices that an architect or engineer may encounter during the design and implementation of a Spring Integration system.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Distributing Your Android App for Kotlin Developers

von West, Jon-Luke [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITSo you've built an Android app, and you're ready to share it with the world. Now what? There are many ways you can distribute your app, and in this course, Jon-Luke West shows you how to use the primary distribution channel, the Google Play Store, as well as the Amazon Appstore. Jon-Luke covers how to prepare the app for distribution by cleaning up and optimizing the code, creating a security certificate, and uploading an APK file. He then shows how to create multiple flavors of your app to include different features, how to register as a Google Play and Amazon developer, set the app description and pricing, and publish the app. Lastly, Jon-Luke looks at the post-publishing aspects, including how to track app usage, usage statistics, revenue, and crash reporting.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Handling Outsourcing Issues

von McGannon, Bob [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Betriebswirtschaftliche KenntnisseTo succeed in outsourcing environments, you must understand the common issues that plague outsourcing engagements and how to address them. Instructor Bob McGannon discusses the early warning signs of common issues, along with response alternatives. Issues can arise when the outsourcing contract becomes out of step with changing business needs. Bob points out common concerns with contract terms and how they can misalign with client business needs, service delivery issues, and managing personnel changes. He outlines productive ways to pursue the root cause of delivery problems and the difference between issues and disputes. The course concludes with an exercise on predicting outsourcing issues, based on a case study. Note: This course was created by Bob McGannon. We are pleased to host this training in our library.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Agile Rebranding

von Kao, Wes [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Betriebswirtschaftliche KenntnisseToday's leaders need an agile way to improve their brand and stay relevant on a regular basis. The world is changing fast and it's not always practical to do a giant, expensive, one-time rebrand that's outdated as soon as it's complete. In this course, Wes Kao teaches startup-inspired frameworks and strategies for companies of all sizes to do rebranding in easy, repeatable, and iterative steps. Discover how to prioritize to move fast, identify your rebranding goals with more precision, and translate your vision into public-facing copy and visuals. Rebranding your business on the go can be a stressful process, but with Wes' guidance, you'll be able to identify your rebranding goals, avoid common pitfalls, and take action with confidence.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Visualizing Your Leadership Journey

von Lane, Nevada [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Betriebswirtschaftliche KenntnisseThe first step to leadership is self-awareness. In this hands-on leadership course, instructor Nevada Lane provides an effective and fun way to build self-awareness through visualization. First, Nevada helps you to identify life events that influenced your development and growth as a leader. She asks you to identify people who have inspired you and to articulate the core principles that drive your own leadership approach. Next, Nevada walks you through identifying your leadership strengths and values. She shows you how to state a vision for what you want to create or how you want to be. Then Nevada encourages you to identify a quote that summarizes an aspect of your values, principles, or vision. She has you pull all these pieces together and build a leadership story graphic. In conclusion, she helps you to identify ways to use your leadership journey graphic, including sharing it with others.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Learning Bitwig Studio 3

von Sutton, Evan [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Grafik & VideoAre you a musician, producer, or other audio professional? If so, you may want to learn Bitwig Studio 3. In this course, producer and instructor Evan Sutton shows you how to record, mix, and perform music with Bitwig Studio. Evan explains how to get Bitwig Studio set up and walks you through its dashboard, user interface, software instruments, and MIDI controls. He covers MIDI recording and editing, as well as MIDI note effects and modulation objects. Evan goes over setting up, recording, and editing audio, then dives into building song structure, mixing, and effects. He concludes by describing how you can export your projects, create scenes for a live performance, and save and archive your work.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Improving Your Leadership Communications

von Madecraft [Autor] | Hauk, Colleen [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | Betriebswirtschaftliche KenntnisseTo be an effective leader, you need to learn how to communicate clearly. In this course leadership expert Colleen Hauk shows you how to become a precise and powerful communicator. Colleen first explains how to set yourself up for success by knowing the basics and exploring emotional intelligence. She then provides guidance on creating a connection and tapping into the senses of your audience. She also shows how to engage in dialogue, remain curious, and align your communication to specific goals. Finally, Colleen shares tips on effective communication in different circumstances, from one-on-one meetings, to group discussions, and virtual meetings. Upon completing this course, you'll feel confident in your ability to communicate effectively as a leader. This course was created by Madecraft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Word avanzado: Formatación y estilos (Office 365/Microsoft 365)

von Gutiérrez, Isabel Fernández [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | VertriebConsigue formatear documentos largos, con máxima rapidez y mínimo esfuerzo, gracias a este curso de Microsoft Word avanzado. Aprenderás a trabajar con estilos que te permitirán dar formato al documento en un solo clic de ratón. Descubrirás cómo crear, modificar, eliminar y gestionar estilos en documentos, así como usarlos para automatizar la creación de tablas de contenido. Crearás plantillas con estilos predefinidos y sabrás aplicarlas y modificarlas. Al finalizar el curso, habrás alcanzado la productividad y eficiencia máxima a la hora de formatear documentos complejos.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .
Learning CircuitPython with Circuit Playground Express

von Gallup, Robert [Autor].

Computerdatei Computerdatei | 2021 | ITPython is coming to the Internet of Things. That opens vast possibilities, but you need to learn to apply Python differently on the constrained resources of microcontrollers. In this course, instructor Robert Gallup walks you through how to get started, control hardware, add interaction, and connect external components. Robert introduces you to the purpose, background, and limitations of CircuitPython and shows you how to write and upload your first script. He explains the basic elements of a microprocessor, then steps through identifying components on the Circuit Playground Express (CPX) board, controlling the CPX onboard LED, and controlling NeoPixels on the CPX. Robert shows you how to add several different interactions with the CPX. He concludes by showing you how to connect external components, such as a potentiometer and external libraries.Verfügbarkeit: Prüfe, ob verfügbar Standort(e): Onleihe .